Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A cherished memory: The Botanical Gardens in Trinidad

As I write this I can still vividly remember so many wonderful childhood memories of times spent frolicking with my family in these Botanical Gardens.   How well I remember running and playing with my siblings and cousins.  Playing ball with my parents.  Running and chasing our beautiful dog, Yella.  Walking along the various paths, riding the scooter, and so much more.

I always used to cherish those times when my parents would tell us that we were going to the Gardens and then I would race to get ready.  It was almost always a family outing with my parents, brothers, and granny getting into the family's car.  We often went there on late evenings but there were the morning outings, as well.

Then, whenever my cousins came over to spend time, my parents would take us to the Gardens.  Yella often came, as well, but sometimes we left her at home and I can tell you that she was not a happy dog!

Those wonderful fragrances of blooming flowers, birds singing in the trees, lush green grass and laughter of other kids around us shall forever remain in my mind.

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