Thursday, June 7, 2018

So long ago but never to forget: The gardens in Montreal with Bernice and Harold

This is probably one of my most delightful memories of Bernice and Harold. Bernice was my economics professor at Concordia University in Montreal and ours was a very special friendship.

Bernice went out of her way to befriend me when I was her student and our friendship grew to include her husband, Harold.  We went so many places and the Botanical Gardens in Montreal was just one of them.

On a bright, sunny, summer Saturday the three of us visited these marvelous gardens.  Bernice and Harold and I walked around for several hours and simply took the time to explore and discover.

We walked among the colourful flower beds that were overflowing with all kinds of flowers.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather and simply soaked up the ambiance.  We saw so many different things, ranging from fast-flowing brooks where kids were playing in the cool water with their boats and canoes, to couples walking hand in hand, young boys playing soccer and baseball, and toddlers being driven around by their parents and older siblings.

Such a gorgeous day with such very special people; I shall never forget Bernice and Harold.  They have both passed on now and I thank them both for having come into my life.

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