Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A revelation: The first day that I saw the screen

Despite it being so many years ago, I still remember and it happened shortly after I got my first cornea transplant.  And no, it was not a computer screen, it was a TV screen.

I can still remember simply standing there with my dad alongside me.  He pointed to the screen and started to describe what was going on.  I followed his steady finger with awe and soon enough I was so excited to be a part of his world.  The world of vision.

The screen was lit up with colour, movement, and images.  Dad was so very excited to be describing things to me and then Mom joined us, laughing and so excited to share our excitement.

Then I started to watch the hockey playoffs with my favourite Montreal Canadiens playing and winning.  I watched the news every day with Dad and he even joined me to watch the Flintstones at noon every day.  Mom and I watched other things as well.

Such happy times with my loving parents.

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