Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Carelessness is not for me: Paint on my favourite coat

I know that I have always tried to be very careful whenever I am around paint. But, when a sighted person is unusually careless and does not even take the time to see how his carelessness has affected someone else, or even what he has done, it certainly concerns and upsets me.

This is what happened in the fall of 2017 when Mom and I were exiting our condo building.  There were no notices cautioning us against wet paint, no notices telling us that anything was being painted and absolutely nothing else. 

So, when we got to the outer door, there he was painting the top of the door with no signs to tell us.  This silly fellow dropped paint on the sleeve and pocket of my favourite jacket and when I brought his attention to it, he never even had the courtesy to respond. 

So what did he do?  He simply went on painting without even a word in response.  I don't usually get upset very easily but on this morning it took everything for me not to simply yell at him and ask the management office to discipline him. 

There is nothing worse than a careless and discourteous person!  We have too many of them in our world and as someone with very little vision, it makes my day even more challenging!

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