Friday, July 6, 2018

Thank God for Mom: When my leather jacket acquired white spots

Trust me when I tell you that I would never have known this were it not for my mom.  Yes, once more, there was Mom to the rescue!

I had just come home from a function and had taken off my leather jacket.  I hung it on the back of my chair and then had gone on about my business.  I think that Mom has a very interesting habit of checking out my clothes every time I return home and it is a great way for me to make sure that I have not put stains or spots on them.

This time it was no different because shortly after I had hung it up, there she was informing me that there were white spots all over my jacket.  Nothing too serious but I had to take care of business or should I say that Mom had to take care of business for me.

She took care of things with a damp cloth and soon the jacket was back to its good old self. 

Ah, yes!  The challenges of someone who is vision-impaired, but let's face it!  Sighted people also face these same issues but they are able to see them while we need others to tell us.

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