Friday, March 9, 2018

A new experience: When the bank changed

It was quite an experience for me when, in the late spring of 2017, the Royal Bank branch at the Bridlewood Mall began renovating its facilities.  For so many years I had been used to the layout, so when I was told what was happening I had to develop a new way to navigate my favorite branch.

I had always been able to visualize this branch's facilities because I had been able to see what it looked like when I had enough vision.  Now it would be different and I would need to depend on others to describe things to me.

My mom and my friends, Sue and Gabriella, have done a masterful job at filling me in and the staff have been so good at helping me out.  However, it is not quite the same when someone else describes things to you.

Remember now, a picture is worth a thousand words and no two people describe things to you in the same way.

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