Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A very interesting cat: Rico's walks

What more can I say about this very unique little cat?  In short:  He is a loner at heart but he sure does not seem to mind being all by himself in our large yard.

Now that I can no longer see, I need to depend on Mom to fill me in. She tells me everything about him.  That is, whenever she sees him around. 

He walks across our yard, tall and proud.  He chases dry leaves, tries to catch the birds, and oh yes!  He often catches a poor unsuspecting lizard.

Rico is not the biggest of cats but Mom says that he is a good-looking boy.  He has many friends, that is, the human kind. Truth be told, he also seems to have other cat friends who often visit him at night. 

He seems to be the boss as we really do not hear any squabbling going on. No fights, no arguing among friends. 

That's my Rico!  Alone on his walks and not at all in the least bothered.

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