Thursday, March 29, 2018

Just another new experience: An unexpected challenge at a hotel

As a regular traveler I often have the pleasure of staying at hotels that range from excellent to very good to good but with some glitches.

This is what happened to me a few months ago in 2017.  After entering my room I discovered that there was a problem.  No, not with the room but with the elevators.

You see, the very nice service desk attendant had just escorted me to my room but when we took the elevator up he told me that not all of the elevators had access to the same floors.  Some only went as high as #6 for instance, others went as far as #12, and the rest went to the penthouse suites.

In addition, there was no way for me, as a vision-impaired person, to know which elevator went to which floors. What to do?

Well, the quickest solution was for me to ask for assistance each time I needed to get to and from my room but that was not an ideal solution.  In addition, there were no Braille labels on the buttons, just raised large print.

I found it to be a very strange way, indeed, and I can only hope that this hotel finds a way to fix this.

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