Friday, September 22, 2017

Always a pleasure: A visit with Char's cat, Henry

I will be the first to admit that I am not really a cat person and now that I have precious little vision I have become very wary of them.

No, I do not mind playing with them but when it comes to having them in my bed the answer is a firm no.

Whenever I visit my best friend, Char, in Montreal I am always delighted and happy to see her cat, Henry.  He is quite friendly towards me.  He climbs onto my chair and proceeds to squeeze in beside me on the chair.  There he lies purring happily and he allows me to pet him and talk to him.

Then, whenever we have our meals in the kitchen he climbs onto the kitchen table and starts to inspect everything.  I think that he feels that this particular table is his and that he is only doing me a favor by letting me share it with him or should I say he allows me to share it with him.

Whatever it is, Henry is a really enjoyable cat to be around.  He is so attached to Char and is always seeking her attention.  He is constantly talking to her in his own way and simply loves his food but Char needs to give it to him in small amounts so as to avoid accidents.

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