Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Memories forever: Some favorite memories of Dad

I always find it a joy, pleasure, and a delight whenever I can drum up some of those favorite memories of my dad!  Of course, there will be always so very many to choose from but here is a sample.

Riding my bicycle with Dad on the beach!  How much I enjoyed those times with Dad and me riding along the beach and enjoying the afternoon’s fresh air when the tide was out.  Going swimming with Dad and my brothers or so many times when we did it together with Dad teaching me the back stroke, the butterfly, and the crawl.  The sea was so very calm and as the sun shone down on us, there we were with me, the student, and Dad, the patient teacher.

Then there was Dad teaching me how to fly a kite in the savanna and playing ball with my brothers and me.  Oh, how I loved those precious times.

Then how about the time when we traveled to South America and there was Dad sitting next to me, holding my hand and making sure that I was not scared as the plane bobbed up and down.  He explained to me that we were going through air pockets and this is why the plane was bobbing up and down like this.

Then those cherished times when he would read to me.  There I was, lying in bed, and he would be in his chair reading all kinds of news articles to me. Or those childhood nights when he told me stories that came straight out of his head.

Finally, this one: Dad and I walking in our garden and my holding onto his comforting hand as he caught butterflies and placed them in my hand and told me not to close my fingers around the butterfly because if I did so I would kill the butterfly.

I could go on and on but these are just a few and I thank my darling dad for having brought me all of this.

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