Friday, September 1, 2017

Great times: Getting better with my knitting

When I made the decision to learn how to knit in the fall of 2014, my objective was to use this activity to build my perseverance for patience and I am happy to report that I have more than met my objective.

At first I was very skeptical as to how a vision-impaired person could learn to knit.  Especially me, who at that time was just a bit short on my patience.  When I started out I already knew that there were people who were vision-impaired and who were good knitters.  However, I needed to convince myself.

My first teacher was Miko, a very patient young lady with tons of patience and a willingness to help me get over my hesitation.  The first few months were very trying ones for me as I struggled to get familiar with casting on and casting off and then knitting rows.

I often ran into great difficulty trying to control my spiraling but Miko persevered with me and by the time she left on maternity leave in early April 2016, I felt as if I was finally beginning to crawl but I knew that I had a very long way to go.

Then in came Robbie!  A dynamic young man with tons of ideas, the patience of Job, and someone who was not going to allow me to give up!  He persevered, encouraged, pushed, and filled my lessons with stories and lots of mugs of delicious English breakfast tea!

Today I am much better at controlling my spiraling.  I can cast on and off without much difficulty and I am much better at knitting multiple rows at a time.  I am working with both thin and thick wool.  I can troubleshoot much more easily now and get myself out of trouble without too much panic.

I give a huge thanks to Miko, Robbie, and folks at the Purple Purl knitting store!

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