Friday, June 2, 2017

One of my favorite passions: Is ice skating still for me?

This is a question that I am constantly asking myself and one that has a very ready answer for me.  The final answer is a definite yes!

Ice skating is one of my passions.  It is one that I chose to follow from childhood and, as any true Canadian, one that has filled my heart and mind with so much fun, pleasure, and so much more.

Ice skating has helped to build my confidence.  It has helped me to become more certain of myself and it has sure helped me to conquer and overcome a bit of the unknown.  Ice skating has taught me how to pick myself up after a fall and how to deal with uncertainty: not knowing when I am going to encounter such things as cracks in the ice, water on the ice, and crazy ice skaters darting in and out of my path.

I wish that I could devote a bit more time to my ice skating but I also hope to rectify this in the coming months.  Ice skating has done so much for me and it is a passion that I continue to foster.

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