Thursday, June 15, 2017

I could not have desired a better teacher: Learning to swim with Dad

He was probably one of my best teachers.  He was patient, generous, and so willing to teach me. Next to my granny he, too, taught me so much.

My swimming lessons started off with Dad placing water wings around my waist and showing me how to use my arms and legs to move through the water.  This was all done in the calm sea where there were no waves, just the sea as smooth as glass.

Next came Dad gingerly removing my water wings and then showing me how to support myself on my own.  This next step took a bit of getting used to but I knew that his hand was always close by to support me if I were to falter.

At first Dad stayed very close to me but as time moved on he would move further and further away from me until one day when I discovered that, indeed!  He was swimming beside me but about five feet away from me.

Dad taught me the butterfly, breast, and back strokes.  Then he taught me the crawl and then he taught me how to do backward and forward somersaults. Oh, what fun I had with my dad!

We had so much fun together during my swimming lessons.  Most of the time we swam together and sometimes he would challenge me to a race which he almost always won.  Occasionally he would give me a head start and allow me to win the race.

Dad also taught me how to float on my back, surf the waves by jumping over them and he also showed me how to dive under the large breakers.  Sometimes, however, I would misjudge the height of the wave and then I would end up being caught in it and would then be tossed onto the sandy beach.

These were such happy days for me with my dad teaching me all kinds of great things in the sea.  He never tired of teaching me and I never tired of learning from him.

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