Friday, June 16, 2017

Such cherished memories: Learning to ride a bike with Dad

I can tell you straight up that memories of Dad teaching me how to ride a bike are some of the most precious ones.  Dad taught my brother Jeffrey and me how to ride a bike but for me it was extra special.  How so?  Because as a vision-impaired kid it was simply awesome that my dad never hesitated to teach me how to ride.

Dad took me through the various stages of being able to ride on my own. First it was him putting me on a bike and then holding onto me as he told me what to do.  It was a two-wheeler bike and we spent countless hours riding around the large yard.

I would pedal slowly and then pick up speed and there was Dad, hanging on to me as we rode.  He never tired of doing this with me and I often felt guilty that I made him work so hard.

Then Dad slowly let go of of me but he made very sure that the bike I was riding had stabilizer wheels on it.  This did not last for long and soon I was on my two wheeler all by myself with Dad close by, watching very intently to make sure that I got things just right.

These were such fun times.  My dad was the best teacher!  Patient, always encouraging me, and if he had any nervous moments he never let me know.  The yard was my first riding area and then we went riding on the beach.  Dad bought a bike for Jeffrey and me when we turned 7 and then I graduated to using my elder brother Robert's bike later on.

Dad and I rode so many times on the beach.  We rode side by side and up and down the sandy beach with the sun shining down on us in the mornings and the cool sea air surrounding us in the evenings and sometimes we raced each other. It never really mattered to me who won, just that Dad and I had lots of fun!

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