Thursday, June 29, 2017

An unusual experience: When my cane died

This was quite an interesting experience for me but thank God that Sue was with me.  I did not really have much warning but truth be told, my beloved cane had started to struggle of late in that it had started to wobble a bit.

So, on this day in late fall, as Sue and I were walking through a  busy mall in downtown Montreal, my cane did its last dance.  One minute it was wobbling along with me and the next I felt it quickly begin to fold on me and when I checked, the elastic had given way.

My cane died a very quick death and there was absolutely no hope of even trying to revive it.  Sue found a trash bin and there is where I left it.  A very fitting place for its burial but just think of what could have happened to me if Sue was not with me?  I refuse to contemplate!

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