Thursday, May 5, 2016

The new kid in town

Yes, he is indeed the new kid in town!  Ever since his mom, Gladys, deserted her kids and took off for parts unknown, little Rico, as I have named him, is now the new kid in town.

From what I can piece together from various stories offered by the workers, one day Gladys simply walked out of the compound, never looking back.  Then some of the workers took the 3 remaining kittens to a busy mall and left them there, sure that they would be taken by passers by.

They were almost right.  Two of them were taken within a day or so but there was one little guy who managed to make it back to our compound and we still do not know how he did it.

The workers were astounded and welcomed him back, calling him family, and I named him Rico.  I am told that he looks just like Mama Gladys and it is probably why he is as loved as his mom.

The workers feed him, protect him, and give him lots of love.  I can only picture what he looks like and I can't wait to see him again when I visit my mom in June 2016.

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