Friday, May 20, 2016

Childhood memories: Coming home to the puppies

Yet some more very cherished memories to share with you.  Yes, coming home to the puppies.

There were six of them to start with as our dog, Yella, had given birth to her first litter of happy little puppies.  How I remember rushing home every day to play with them.  My parents had decided to let them have the run of the laundry room and there they were, playing, scrapping, and then trying to climb out of the room.

I would lift each up in turn, pet them, play with them, and speak softly to them.  They were all fat, happy, and oh so friendly.

All six stayed with us for about a month but sadly enough we could not keep them all and one by one they were given away to happy homes.  Then we were left with just two: Lion and Tiger, the favorite ones out of them all.

Then these two little gems started to grow and quickly fitted into our family.  They were the pride and joy of us all!  Everyone loved them. Friends loved them and family simply melted each time they came to visit.

Lion and Tiger became my fast friends and I had a decade of their friendship but then one day it all ended when these two happy dogs left for good, passing on to that dreaded big C disease!

Ah yes!  Memories forever!

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