Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Looking back: When the tomato fell

Boy oh boy, and what a mess that was for me.  One minute the tomato was sitting on my counter and the next minute it had rolled silently off and I never even knew until I stepped on it.  Then the real fun began.

I knew right away that there were going to be problems for me.  I sighed deeply and then bent down to inspect the damage.  I could feel the juice at my feet but there was more.  Pieces of tomato were all over the place.  From my kitchen floor and extending to the carpet in my dining room.

Sadly enough, I knew that I would need sighted assistance to help me clean this one up.  For there was no way on earth that I would ever be able to find all of the juice, all of the seeds, and all of the stains.  Not something that I would wish for anyone who is unable to see.

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