Friday, May 20, 2016

Cherished memories: My beloved grade school

As I sit here writing I can still remember almost every inch of my beloved grade school  The memory is still so very fresh in my mind and despite the fact that this memory was snapped when my vision was quite limited, it matters not to me!  I have managed to enhance it to the point that I don't have to work too hard to focus on it whenever I want to.

Those vast green grounds were where I spent some of my best times as a child.  I romped and played with my classmates.  I walked through them on my own.  I spent so many quiet moments just simply standing there by myself taking in the bright sunshine, the blue skies, and breathing in the fresh cool air.

I remember the jungle gym, the swimming pool, and so much more.  There were the long corridors of my school, resounding with the shouts and echoes of the students.  The main hall where we had all of our morning assemblies and other important functions.

Then there was the intimidating stage where we rehearsed for our Christmas concerts and where we performed on concert day.  The large dining room where we ate, and oh yes!  Those unforgettable classrooms: the music room and the doll's house that was later turned into a cooking room for the girls.

Finally, the areas close to the school where we used to walk, laugh, and talk about all kinds of things.  Memories forever!

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