Thursday, January 28, 2016

Visiting with the newborn kittens

A few months ago our adopted cat, Gladys, gave birth to seven little ones.  Such was my desire to reach out and touch them that on a quiet Sunday morning, just days after they were born, I did just that.

Gladys did not seem to mind as she simply went for a stroll when we came to visit.  One of the guys picked up the two ginger colored kittens and then he allowed me to play with them.

I gently touched their tiny forms.  They were clinging to each other and seemed oblivious to my stroking them but they were so soft, so tiny, and so innocent.

Their tiny paws were so soft and their small heads did not move much.  Their little bodies vibrated a bit but apart from that they did not react.

I marveled at these new additions to my circle of favorite friends. I wished them well and then sent them on their way back to their mom.  Of course, I could not see them but just touching them and running my fingers gently through their warm fur was enough for me.

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