Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Being careful with clothes that are see through

You got that right!  I need to be extra careful with this part of my life. As a blind person it is so important for me to ensure that when I wear a top, or even a pair of pants that are "see through", that I take care that it is not, indeed, a see through piece of clothing for the sighted world.

So how do I handle this?  Firstly, if the material is thin or if there are eyelets in the blouses or sweaters, I know that I need to find ways to cover up.  Sometimes I may not be readily able to tell if the clothing is, indeed, "see through" and here is where I would have to depend on my sighted family or friends to tell me. 

In most cases they tell me but what if they somehow forget to tell me?  Then I am in big trouble.

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