Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Remembering those green grounds at school

I have such great memories about those lush green grounds at school.  This to me was one of the highlights of time spent at grade school.

I always looked forward to playing there during break time and during our lunch hour.  I would practically race out to the lush green grounds and simply linger there for as long as I could.

I would run around and laugh out loud.  I would frolic with my class mates and we would race each other up and down the length of the fields.  Then we would climb onto the jungle gym and swing there for long minutes at a time.

Then there were the ball games, playing cricket and soccer.  Then the tug of war contests and so many times I would end up face down in the mud after my team had lost a contest.

Oh yes!  Those lush green grounds, my thick carpet and memories of them to last a lifetime.  Cool fresh mornings walking with my classmates through the damp, dew-covered grass.  Playing with them at lunch time and standing in the warm sun during our afternoon break.

Moments to remember forever, where so many dreams were hatched and so many have come to fruition.

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