Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mom and I weighing ourselves

If I am not close to my talking bathroom scale then I need to depend on sighted assistance to help me ascertain my weight.  Naturally, I do not want anyone to know my weight so here is where good old Mom comes to the rescue.

She takes her time to set up the scale for me and makes sure that the needle is settled on the 0 mark. Then, with great care, after she has given the okay I climb gently and gingerly onto the scale.  Then the real and important process begins but is over in seconds.

Mom stoops down and looks at the screen on the scale and then she announces the big figure to me.  We repeat this process twice so that we are both sure that we have gotten things right.  Ah, yes!  this is what happens when I need to depend on sighted assistance to weigh myself.

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