Friday, February 14, 2014

Pushing the stroller

Oh yes! I pushed many a stroller when I was a kid, pushing my baby cousins along in their strollers. I had very little vision then but it did not really matter to my mom and aunt. They allowed me to push baby Stephen around our home. I would go up and down the hallways and I would be so careful as I went along not to bump into anything.

I was always so proud of myself because I could do it all without bumping into anything and the little baby never cried or complained. As a matter of fact, he sang and hummed to himself and I guess that he was happy with my stroller driving. I would never know because I was never able to see his tiny expressions.

I loved pushing his stroller around. I loved to pretend that I was driving him on country roads, or on busy streets in the city. Sometimes I would speed along the hallway but then I would slow down when I came to the corners and doorways.

Just another memory that I have carefully filed away in my memory bank.

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