Thursday, February 13, 2014

My vision of St. Lucia

I have put my imagination to work here as I formulate a vision of the tiny Caribbean island of St. Lucia. With precious little vision to help me, I have developed a recipe of smells, sounds, feel, and touch to form the base of my vision. These are the ingredients that I use almost always now to help me formulate my memories and visions.

Since 2010, Mom and I have been spending my vacation time in St. Lucia and we plan to return annually for as long as we are able to. My vision of St. Lucia may not exactly match what this tiny island really looks like but I hope that it is close enough to give you a picture.

So here goes. Ah yes! St. Lucia! One of the shining jewels of the Caribbean. An island made up of lush green scenery. An island with lots of sunshine, terrific beaches, and sea bathing and swimming rivaled by very few other islands. I imagine that the sea is of a jade green color. The sand is golden brown, and the lazy white capped waves are something to behold. The skies are almost always a medium blue. Boats sail soundlessly by. Swimmers frolic in the surf while others walk leisurely on the beach.

The food is awesome, a combination of French and Caribbean cuisine. The people are almost always smiling and are dressed in bright colors. These are my impressions of lovely St. Lucia and it is what will remain with me forever.

The sweet fragrance of the ocean! The fresh smell of the sea breeze! The wafting odors of St. Lucian cooking! Ah yes! Forever in my mind!

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