Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Memories of playing hide and seek

This was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. I played it with my brothers and cousins, with my friends, and even with friends of my brother Robert.

There was a huge difference when I played it with my family and Robert's friends as opposed to playing it with my friends in grade school. Why? Because my friends in grade school were blind like me and it was much more fun then.

Why so? Because it was a different way of playing the game of hide and seek. When you play with sighted kids it is much more difficult to hide but with other blind kids it is a bit easier, more fun, but wait! Blind kids use their hearing to help them discover hiding places.

At school, we developed our own version of hide and seek and we made up different rules. We made up rules as we went along and we sure had lots of fun doing it. How well I remember trying to sneak away on tip-toe so as not to alert my pursuer as to where I was headed. Or I would walk swiftly and oh so quietly so as not to alert them as to my whereabouts. Then there was the fun in luring them to a possible hiding place and then sneaking away to escape them.

So many great memories for me to linger over. So many happy childhood memories of me playing hide and seek.

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