Thursday, February 20, 2014

Afraid of the crabs

I am not embarrassed to tell you that as a kid I had a very furtive imagination which enabled and allowed me to imagine a heck of a lot. More often than not, my imagination usually ran away with me and I used to imagine some things to be a lot bigger and scarier than they really were.

One such thing or creature was the poor little crab. For the life of me I am not sure why this was so but I used to imagine that crabs were much bigger than they really were. I used to think of them as having huge claws, very broad backs, and larger than life pinchers or gundies as we used to refer to them.

My granny was the master crab catcher and on a moonlit night she, Dad, my auntie Julie, and my brothers and various cousins would go out there and hunt for blue back crabs. I always stayed behind with mom and waited excitedly for the return of the family with crabs in tow. I would wait my turn to visit the buckets of crabs and would stand and listen to them moving around in the buckets. Sometimes I would place my hand gingerly into the bucket but always far enough away from the crabs themselves.

I was always petrified of crabs and even to this day I am still at a loss to explain why. I know now what they look like and how big they really are but this does not stop me from being afraid of them.

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