Thursday, June 20, 2013

Make sure the lids are on

Yes, this is my warning to anyone, let alone a blind person. The other day I removed the top from my bottle of garlic salt and I thought that the inner lid was firmly on. This is the lid that has the holes in it so that the garlic salt could be sprinkled onto my food. Guess what? The lid, or the inner lid as I would refer to it, was not and then what? I poured too much garlic onto my food.

This can easily happen when you have to sprinkle a condiment onto your food. You remove the top cover and lid and then there is the inner lid and if that lid is not properly screwed on then you could easily find yourself pouring or sprinkling too much of your condiment onto your food.

So how do I deal with this? Well, after removing the outer lid, I then keep my finger on the inner lid as I pour or sprinkle my condiment.

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