Friday, June 28, 2013

Slippery underfoot

At the best of times, we all need to be careful when conditions are those of slippery underfoot, and for me as a blind person it means being that extra careful. The phrase slippery underfoot means that in circumstances such as wet floors, slippery sidewalks covered with ice and/or snow, wet grass, or piles of soggy leaves in my path, I need to use my cane and balance to ensure that I do not end up on my back. So how do I make sure of this?

I use my cane to help me out. My cane is always placed in my hand and it is constantly out in front of me, sweeping left and right. I make sure that it picks up any warning signs of slippery surfaces in my path and then I slow down, walk gingerly and carefully, and keep my feet firmly planted on the ground or floor. It is not always possible to do this but in most circumstances it is. All I need to do is to make sure that I am prepared for slippery surfaces no matter what. Sometimes I may get caught unexpectedly.

For example, if someone has spilled liquid on the sidewalk, a slimy substance left on the sidewalk such as oil, or something similar.

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