Wednesday, June 19, 2013

When cable is gone

This is one of my most difficult challenges on a daily basis. That is, how can I tell when cable is gone? How do I know when it is gone as opposed to when electricity is gone?

Through trial and error, and here is my strategy. If I am either sitting in front of my TV or listening to it from a distance, and then it goes silent, my first step is to check to see if electricity is gone. I do this by making sure that my radio is either on or off depending on whether or not I am presently listening to it.

So here is the picture: The TV goes silent and if the radio has been on and also goes silent then chances are that electricity has also gone. To make doubly sure, I either turn on my stove or microwave and if they too are not working then electricity has indeed gone.

If any of the appliances that I have mentioned turns on then it is my cable that is the problem. However, the problem for me is to know when the TV is not working as opposed to cable having gone. A challenge for me and here is where I need to call in sighted help. I can no longer see the lights on the cable box nor the light on the TV. All in a day's challenge.

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