Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Body lotion versus shampoo

You may not get my problem at first but here it is. Whenever I stay at a hotel, I have to make sure that I know the difference between the body lotion and the shampoo. Many times, the bottles feel so much alike and the only way that I can tell is if I know beforehand if one has a pump top and that the other does not.

Sometimes, it is easy to tell as they may smell differently but the problem comes if/when they are made by the same company. If they are both in tubes then I am in trouble or if the bottles are shaped the same then even more problems for me.

I have to constantly make sure that I know which is which and then use some identifiers to help me out. In a hotel, this is a constant problem but if I ask the reception desk to help me out then there is my answer. No matter what, it is a continuing problem for me.

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