Wednesday, January 6, 2021

A sure necessity: Being careful when baking

I learned to be more careful a few weeks ago when I went to put a pan of ribs into my toaster oven for baking. I thought that I had cleared the oven of all unwanted pans but I did not. So, when I went to put my pan of ribs into the oven I found myself trying to put in a pan that would not fit.

Good thing that I had the presence of mind to place the pan of ribs on the counter; then I went to check on why I could not insert my pan into the oven which was already heated and waiting for me.

I took my pot holders and gingerly approached my toaster oven and then I gently went in. Voila! There was another pan already in the oven. So I had to remove it, place it on my stove, and then take my pan of ribs and insert into the oven.

All the time I was very careful not to burn my fingers. Just goes to show that as a vision-impaired person, I need to be doubly careful when working around my toaster oven.

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