Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Just another painful exercise: Finding the chips

This is yet another very interesting challenge for me as chips normally do not make any sound when they hit the floor. Or, I should say that they do if I hear them fall and that would be if the noise level around me is low.

So, if I don't hear them fall and pick them up at once, I normally find them either when I step on them as they lie on the floor or when I wipe off my kitchen counters or kitchen table. Truth be told, it is much easier when I find them on my kitchen counters but if I am not careful I can also create a challenge for myself if I bat them off of my counter or kitchen table onto the floor.

It is such a hassle for anyone, sighted or vision-impaired, whenever you step on fallen chips, crush them with your foot, and then you need to pick up the crumbs with a dust pan. For me, as a vision-impaired person, I need to make sure that I get all of the crumbs.

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