Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Discovering new friendships: Enjoying my chess games with friends across the miles

This is probably one of the best ways that I have found to help me cope with Covid-19 and I can tell you that it is a fantastic way.

Ever since I attended my first chess break tournament at Windermere England in 2014, I have had the good fortune to stay in touch with and play against some super players and friends.

I'd like to thank Mark Kirkham for having stuck with me ever since we met last year, 2019. Mark has helped me to develop my game and to gain more confidence. He has helped me to toughen up my approach and find ways to stay longer in the game.

His puzzles have also helped me and I have also managed to stay in touch with Denis Warner. We are all vision-impaired chess players, simply having lots of fun and learning a lot.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan, your friendly accessibility advocate, wishing you a terrific day!


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