Wednesday, July 1, 2020

My favourite songster visitors: The doves are back

They're back! My favourite little songsters! Every year and some time in April, more towards the beginning of April, they arrive at my office balcony and there they lay their eggs. The eggs hatch and parents and little ones
stay for a few weeks and then they are off for other parts!

This annual event probably started way back in 2012 and each year they have never failed to make my balcony their birthing centre. I am always so very excited whenever I hear their arrival, and how do I know that they have
arrived? Because apart from expecting them, I hear them calling to each other early on mornings and this lasts for a few days. Then I hear the little ones interacting with their parents and this is when I know that the young ones
have arrived.

Parents and kids enrich my early morning hours for a few weeks and then, as easily as they have come, they are gone. That's my typical April morning activity!

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