Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A mild panic attack: When my keys went missing

These days, given all the things that one needs to remember when taking safety precautions because of Covid-19, it is no surprise that from time to time I'll forget or misplace something or the other. This is exactly what happened over a month ago.

I had gone to take my garbage out and had just returned to my condo. I have developed a process whereby as soon as I re-enter my condo I place my slippers on my door mat, wash my hands and keys with soap and water, and then I wipe my door handle, locks, and slippers with sanitized Wet Ones.

On this particular day, I followed my process but a few minutes after I had finished I discovered that I had misplaced my keys. At first I began to panic but then logic took over and I started to back track my movements. Lucky for me this worked because within minutes I found my keys. They were sitting on a paper towel on my counter, drying off.

I am always extra careful to ensure that I keep a close eye on my keys because if for some reason I lose them, I am in deep trouble. I am even more careful when I go to take out my garbage. I hang on to them very tightly and I make sure that when I go to throw my garbage down the chute, my keys are far away from the chute.

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