Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A moment of patience: Trying to fix my Rosary

Not too long ago, as I was changing the sheets on my bed, I discovered that my Rosary which I always keep under my pillow had broken. That is, it had come unhooked and I was extremely unhappy.

This Rosary was very special to me as my mom had given it to me after my dad had passed on and I had guarded it with my life as it meant the world to me.

After several tries to re-hook it, I gave up. But before this, something else had happened. My precious Rosary had gone missing when I was changing my sheets and I spent several minutes searching for it. I had become very anxious and had even started to cry as I searched because I felt that without it I would not be protected.

I tried to be logical in my quest for my precious Rosary and when, at last, I found it, I kissed it. This is when I discovered that it had become unhooked.

I had first asked my friend Sue to help me and she did. But after it had, again, become unhooked it was my neighbour Sandra who helped me to permanently hook it again.

My precious Rosary is now back under my pillow where it belongs!

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