Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A terrifying moment! Falling in the elevator

At the best of times, falling in the elevator is not a very nice experience. But for someone with a vision impairment, it is probably quite a bit more challenging and scary.

In early March 2020, this is what happened to me. I had just come in from running errands and had first gone to my mail box to collect my mail. Then I went to the elevator and pressed the button. The elevator came and I entered. Then the horror show began.

My mail slipped out of my hands and I had to go searching on the floor of the elevator to find it. I could only use one hand as I had my cane in my other hand.  By the time the elevator had stopped at my floor, I had just found my mail and as I went to exit the elevator, I fell.

I was jammed between the door of the elevator and lying flat on my back. The door was heavy and difficult for me to push away from myself. Thank God that I did not panic.

I knew that no one could really hear me so I decided to be methodical. First, I jammed my sturdy cane between my body and the door. Next I rose slowly with my mail in hand and then the rest went in my favour.

I exited the elevator with a bruised temple and a painful headache but all ended well.

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