Thursday, June 18, 2020

Memories not to forget: On a Hawaiian cruise

Thank God that my friend Sue and I went on our Hawaiian cruise before the Corona tidal wave struck. Thank God that I had her as my sighted assistant or else things would have been quite a bit different and more challenging for me.

As things turned out, we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and Sue was simply wonderful when it came to guiding me and describing things to me. From beginning to end, when we arrived at the airport and returned to the airport 12 days later, things were very smooth.

The staff on board the Pride of America were very helpful and always there to help. Meal times were without any major hitches and I never felt in any difficulty with Sue to help and staff being watchful.

Our on shore trips were terrific and I thoroughly enjoyed the tubing adventure where Krystal Ijama was simply the best when it came to being my guide. I could not have asked for a more pleasant guide.

I especially enjoyed the morning coffee with Sue on our balcony and the evening chats there as well. The room was so well laid out that I could not have asked for more as a vision-impaired person.

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