Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Challenges of the day: Those pesky onion skins and stray Kleenex bits

They are probably two of the biggest irritants in my life these days. That is, when they fall to the floor and I am not aware.

In the case of the onion skins, I never know that they have made their unwelcomed way to the floor until I actually step on them. Then comes the task of picking them up and then to make sure that I have cleaned up any
accompanying juice.

In the case of those Kleenex bits: they grace my floor with their presence whenever they fall out of my pocket and purse and then somehow become bits. Or whenever they become part of my laundry in the dryer because I forgot to
take them out of my pocket before tossing my clothes in the washer.

Yes, they can sure be very irritating for me and there is no tried and proven solution except to be more careful whenever I deal with onions or Kleenex.

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