Friday, January 3, 2020

Who is Santa Claus? By Donna J. Jodhan

He comes primarily at Christmastime but did you know that he is always with us?  Many of our youngest ones think that he lives in the far North but in reality he lives anywhere and everywhere.

In North America and colder countries, he makes his entry into our homes through our chimneys and the modern day Santa can also leave his presents outside the doors of our condos and town houses.  He can travel in so many different ways; on a sleigh, on a motorcycle, on a truck, by bicycle, by ship or boat, by plane or helicopter, and even on foot.  It all depends on where he is and what he needs to do in order to get where he needs to go.

Believe it or not, Santa Claus goes by so many different names and it can easily be said that he has several different aliases.  In the colder countries he is known as either Santa Claus or Father Christmas.  In the Eastern countries he is known as St. Nick and in the warmer tropical countries he is known as Sandy Claus!  Of course, there are other names for him as well.

To the wide-eyed kid he is the one in a red suit that wears a white beard and he has a huge laugh of ho, ho, ho!  He brings toys and goodies down the chimneys of homes and he hands out gifts at malls and at parties.  He shows up at parades; he hands out toys from open roofed trucks, and he lugs his goodies on bicycles, motorcycles and on his back.  He even drops off his gifts by ship, boat, helicopter, and plane.

This is who he is to those little ones who still believe in Santa.  However, there is more to this fat jolly man than just the one who does these things.

Whenever we smile at a stranger, nod a greeting to someone that we do not know, or take the time to give a gift to someone who is less fortunate than we are, these are all deeds of Santa's generosity. In essence, we too are Santa Claus in our own way but we do not have to wait until Christmas to do this.  

The secret of Christmas may be this!  It's not the things you do at Christmas time, but the Christmas things you do all year through!  Taken from a Christmas song.

Merry Christmas from me!

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