Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cherished memories: Driving Jeffrey's cars around our home

I really enjoyed those childhood days whenever I got the chance to play with my brother Jeffrey's cars, trading in my dolls and tea sets for another type of fun.

We used to tie bits of string to these cars and then proceed to race each other around the house.  There was the police  car, the patrol car, the lumbering bus, the old timer car, and oh, yes, my favorite!  The Ferrari!

These activities usually took place on weekends, mainly on Sundays.  Our dogs were spectators but they made very sure to do their spectating from afar choosing to stay back as we raced by. 

Our parents did not seem to object or at least I never thought that they did.  Granny stayed in her room reading her newspapers and my mom and dad sat around looking on. 

Oh yes!  Those were such happy days, never to return! However, the memories remain forever.

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