Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Childhood memories: Battling fever as a child

Weird as this may sound, whenever I had to battle those frequent childhood bouts of fever, it meant that I had to lie in bed for long spells but this gave me a lot of time to think and imagine. 

As Mom fussed with the hot wash cloths and aspirins and generally worried over me, I found time to think and imagine.  Then, as Granny and Dad came in to visit frequently, it also gave me time to appreciate my family so much more. 

I must not forget my brothers and dogs, as well.  Many times Jeffrey, my twin brother, would come into the room and lie on my bed beside me and there he would remain, quietly, sometimes telling me some sort of joke that he had either made up or heard at school. Robert, my elder, would stand at the window close to my bed and would often try to cheer me up by teasing me. 

Ah yes, those faithful four-legged friends!  Yella would often visit and lie close by on the floor under my bed while Lion and Tiger would come in and out. 

As for my time to think?  There was a lot of time to do this and more often than not my imagination took me to so many places: foreign countries, adventures, and yes!  Thoughts of what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Maybe a lawyer or maybe a story teller!  Or maybe a child forever!

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