Friday, July 14, 2017

A frightening experience: When my wallet and flash drive fell out of my carry-on

Looking back on this experience it is the most that I can do but to simply shake my head in wonderment.  For if I had lost these two items it would have meant pure disaster for me.

Mom and I had just boarded the plane for our trip to the Caribbean and I had decided to check my carry-on and lo and behold!  My wallet and flash drive were both missing!

My first thoughts were that I had either probably left them behind in the lounge or that they had dropped out of my carry-on.  Mom began her frantic search but nothing turned up and then we decided to reach out to a passing agent.

He sprung into action immediately and within literally seconds he found them!  They were nestled in the seat pocket!  Pure relief flooded through my entire body!

I need to be doubly careful each time I travel now.  I need to make sure that I know where everything is and that I can account for each item in my carry-on at all times. I may not always be so lucky to have someone close by to help me out!

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