Friday, August 12, 2016

Remembering fondly: Collecting clams with the family

This is yet another favorite childhood memory for me and this memory is one filled with so much joy, pleasure, and simply great times. 

It all revolved around our holiday times at the beach.  There we were, the happy family!  Mom, Dad, Granny, brothers Robert and Jeffrey, and our beloved cousins and dogs.

Almost every day we would go swimming in the sea and part of our activities was to collect the clams.  We would take buckets with us and within an hour or so the buckets would be filled to the brim with the shellfish.

We used to call them chip-chip but in reality they were clams.  They came in all sizes and their shells were so pretty.  We had to dig into the sand and there they were, just waiting for us to gather them and throw them into our large buckets.

Then, at the end of our outing to the beach, we would haul the buckets back to the house and Mom and Granny would set about to boil them in their shells.  Then later on, after they had been cooled off, we would separate the clams from their shells. 

Then Mom and Granny would make so many delicious dishes with them: clam pelaus, omelettes, clam cakes and fritters, and so much more.  They even made cocktails, and oh yes!  Our dogs also participated in the feasts as they used to love to eat the boiled clams and we were only too happy to share with them.

Such wonderful memories. 

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