Wednesday, August 17, 2016

An annoying event: When my clock stopped chiming

This was an interesting experience for me but good thing that Sandra, my dear neighbor and friend, was on hand to help me solve the problem and together we managed to put things right.

We had just set the clocks forward for spring 2016 and as always Sandra had to help me change my digital ones. As a blind person I cannot do them for myself.  All went well except for my favorite one in my den.

Sandra did everything as always but when it came to the chimes, my clock in the den had stopped chiming.  She came back at least three times to try and figure things out but at the end we had to take it to my neighborhood electronics store. My friendly technician, Imad, took one look at it and said that we had inadvertently moved the chimes switch out of position and this is why it was not chiming.

So he reset it for us and we returned home happy and smiling, but alas!  My clock was only chiming for part of the day.  Sandra and I were then forced to work together to figure out this one for ourselves and we sure did.

Yes, the switch was set to the chimes position but it was not sitting flush on the setting to have the chimes go off every quarter hour for 24 hours.  Sandra fixed it after she determined the problem. 

I was just happy and relieved and so was she.

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