Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Remembering - Protecting my food from kitty

This is almost always the case each time I go to visit my best friend, Char, in Montreal.  Me doing my level best to ensure that her cat does not sneak by to sample my food.

I know that it is only natural for cats to be inquisitive anytime they smell food but even more so when visitors invade their home.  So I come prepared to protect my food.

The thing is that when you are visually impaired and do not have enough vision to see when kitty is approaching, you run into a challenge.  Add to this the fact that kitty walks very softly, too softly for you to hear him coming and by the time you realize it, his head is practically in your plate or bowl.

I have grown used to kitty now so it is not a problem for me, just something to be aware of each time I visit Char.

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