Thursday, June 30, 2016

That's my girl! My best friend's perspective on the deaf/blind world

Whenever my best friend, Char, has something to say I listen very closely because I know that she almost always says what she wishes to say after really thinking about it.

Char is visually impaired and hard of hearing.  She is classified as a high partial vision person and she uses hearing aids to help her with her hearing problem.

I have the utmost respect for this almost perfect person.  We have known each other for most of our lives and ours is a friendship that is very special, rare, and unique. 

Char has never complained about her double challenge instead choosing to take it all in with a smile and find ways not to complain.  She has developed ways to cope with her loss of hearing.

Char has a phone that enables her to turn up the volume on the headset so that she can hear more clearly when she receives calls.  She uses her vision to compensate for loss of hearing and in turn she finds ways to compensate for her loss of vision.

I have never heard Char complain about anything. She takes it all in stride and with a grin.  She is innovative, creative, and patient. She uses her limited vision to its utmost and utilizes her hearing aids to the maximum.

This is my best friend, Char.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan, your friendly accessibility advocate, wishing you a terrific day.

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