Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A funny experience: At the wrong salon

I am always happy to share funny experiences with my readers and this is just one of them.

A few weeks ago my friend Sue and I went out to a hairdressing appointment which was supposed to have been in a nearby mall.  We got there in tons of time for the appointment and then we decided to take our time getting there.

I guess that on this day we were not paying attention so the first salon we came to we just walked in and announced that we were there to see Sophie, my hairdresser.

This is where things got very interesting.  The man at the front had no idea what we were saying and at the same time I simply did not recognize his voice.  Then in quick succession I also recognized that this was the wrong salon, and why?

Because it did not smell like my normal salon and something did not feel right to me.  So as quickly as we entered we beat a very hasty retreat and proceeded on to the right salon.

Just another day with a funny beginning.

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