Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Voices Need to be Heard

As I see it:  The only way for blind persons to be able to enrich their lives, break down barriers, build bridges, and overcome challenges, is for us to have our voices heard.  If we do not make the effort to have our voices heard, then how will society know what we are struggling with?  How will they be able to learn more about our world?  How will they know that yes!  We want to be part of the mainstream society; it is our right and we are prepared to reach out and grab it?  


We should never assume that the mainstream world knows what we need, what challenges we face, and how we navigate and move around.  It would be foolish to assume this so my answer to all of this is to say to my fellow blind brethren; more voices need to be heard.


We need to stand up and be counted.  We need to overcome our fear of speaking up.  We need to become more proactive!  Easier said than done?  Not really!  Just take a deep breath and follow me.


I'm Donna J. Jodhan your friendly accessibility advocate wishing you a terrific day and urging you to go out there and help bridge the gap.  To learn more, you can contact me at

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